White House Correspondents' Dinner: Best Video Clips

From Obama and Seth Meyer’s slams of Donald Trump to the president’s official birth video and teleprompter trailer, watch the funniest moments of Beltway’s prom night.

From Obama and Seth Meyer’s slams of Donald Trump to the president’s official birth video and teleprompter trailer, watch the funniest moments of Beltway’s prom night. Plus, Lloyd Grove on Obama's roast of Trump.

Obama Slams The Donald

Ladies and gentleman, the comedian-in-chief is back—with vengeance. No wonder the president had little to say directly to Donald Trump when he revealed his birth certificate Wednesday—he had saved it all for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. In a scathingly sarcastic two-minute roast, the president attacked everything from The Donald’s belief in conspiracy theories, to his experience on Celebrity Apprentice. We can’t wait for Trump’s rebuttal.

Meyers Roasts Trump

Head Saturday Night Live writer and “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers relished his moment in the spotlight by holding nothing back, especially against Donald Trump. The comedian picked up where the president left off and went straight for Trump’s jugular with jokes about his hair, accent, and relationship with the black community. Watch for President Obama’s reaction, he really loved that last one.

Obama’s Official Birth Video

President Obama may have released his official long-from birth certificate, but for those who aren’t convinced, he took it one step further by releasing his official birth video. The footage, which opened Obama’s routine of jokes, is conspicuously similar to a Disney movie. Who knew that Obama was really born in the jungle, the mighty jungle. Donald Trump did not find this funny.


Piggy-backing on the success of the Oscar-winning King’s Speech, Obama unveiled the first trailer for a new movie (based off a true story, naturally) about a president who faces his greatest challenge—giving a speech without a teleprompter. But who’s the man mentoring our nation’s leader? Aside from the brilliant use of presidential bloopers, the video montage features what is without question the best Joe Biden introduction of all time.

The Tea Party and Obama’s White Hair

While the potential GOP presidential candidates pose little threat to Obama, Meyers pointed to one person who would definitely beat the president in an election: President Obama from 2008. Ridiculing Obama’s physical change—the “change” he promised in his 2008 campaign—Meyers suggested that Obama pick up smoking again. In what was probably the night’s biggest laugh, the SNL writer said that if Obama’s hair gets any whiter, the Tea Party might endorse it.

Meyers and Obama Skewer GOP Hopefuls

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In this mashup, President Obama and Seth Meyers run through the potential Republican presidential nominees. From Obama sparking the Bachmann birther conspiracy to Meyers calling out Mitt Romney for his refusal to apologize, watch the best GOP jokes.

Weekend WHCD Party Update

And here’s Seth Meyers with your weekend WHCD party rundown. MSNBC’s love of Obama, Fox News’ love of birther news, The New York Times paywall, and the Huffington Post’s aggregation all proved to be fodder for the comedian in this bit, but it was his making fun of Arianna Huffington’s accent that elicited a few questionable “ooohs” from the audience.

Anderson Cooper’s Style to Danger Meter

Meyers skewered journalists Katie Couric and Juan Williams for recent departures from their respective organizations, but his jokes about CNN’s silver fox got the most laughs from the audience. It seems as though, when reporting from unsafe situations, “you can always tell how much danger Anderson Cooper is in by how tight his clothing is.”

Meyers Impersonates Obama

The simplest of jokes can make the president laugh, especially if it involves Joe Biden. Meyers did his best Obama impersonation when pretending to re-enact the conversation between the president and vice president that happened after the new budget cut $1.5 billion from high speed rail. Biden really loves his trains.