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Why Prince George Won't Be Coming To NY and DC With Will And Kate

Prince George won't be coming to NY and DC with his parents due to hectic schedule, sources say

Pool photo by John Stillwell

Kate Middleton and Prince William are heading to the East Coast next month for a whistle stop tour - but Prince George won't be coming with them.

A source tells the Royalist that "the length of visit and programme" which comprises "two days and a busy schedule" just "doesn't lend itself to taking Prince George".

The source says, "It's a different kind of visit from a three week tour to New Zealand and Australia."

The royals will be in the U.S. from December 7 through December 9, and will spend time in New York and in Washington, D.C. Upon their arrival, the two will visit the September 11 Memorial.William will be at the World Bank in Washington for an anti-corruption conference the following day, where he’ll discuss the illegal transportation of ivory. Kate is going to stay in New York for a lunch to honor the city’s British community.

The couple are also due to attend an NBA game.

The news is being taken as confirmation that Kate is fully recovered from her pregnancy sickness.