Alcohol Avoidance?

Will Kate Toast With Wine?

First evening date since tour

Chris Jackson, Pool / Getty Images

But will she toast with wine? That was the question on this royal watchers lips today when it was revealed that William and Kate are to attend their first evening-time dinner date since they were on tour of the South Pacific and Kate was photographed twice toasting with water instead of wine.

The water-not-wine moment got somewhat lost on the world's media when the topless pictures scandal hit, but it will be interesting to hear if Kate avoids alcohol again, as expectant mums are advised to do.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have fond memories of their university days, not least because they were allowed to get on with life without being constantly papped thanks to an agreement with the UK press (one of the few media organisations to break a voluntary embargo was, er, Prince Edward's Ardent TV).

So it’s no surprise they are making time in their schedules to support a university charity dinner which is being thrown by the university next week.

The couple, will attend a black-tie fundraiser in London on Thursday, November 8, and throw their support behind the University of St Andrews 600th Anniversary Campaign, which William is a patron of.

It is a cause that is extremely close to the prince’s heart and something he’s very keen to support, according to The Scotsman newspaper

The paper quoted William saying: “It’s knowing that so many of Scotland’s finest brains and great achievers gained and continue to gain inspiration from this place that makes me so proud to be the patron.”

The couple were first ‘just friends’ at university, but soon moved into a shared house with a number of other students, where the relationship finally blossomed into love.

The couple dated for eight years, with one break, before marrying in April 2011.

In 2011 William gave a speech at St Andrews in which he said: “Despite being one of Europe’s leading institutions, the third oldest university in the English speaking world and, of course, far and away the best university in the world, St Andrews still has that uncanny knack of feeling like home.”