We're So Excited!

William and Kate Insist They Don't Know Baby's Gender

Sources have told the Royalist that Kate is planning a natural birth, scotching rumours the future queen is "too posh to push" and wants to have an elective caesarian.

Speaking as part of an off the record briefing, the source added that although the birth will be announced in the traditional fashion, via a note displayed on an easel outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, it was hoped that the birth would be transmitted electronically and on social media including twitter and facebook 'within minutes' of the hard copy being posted.

The source said that Kate is expected to give birth at the private Lindo wing of St Mary's Paddington, but that as Kate will be spending time at her mothers in Berkshire before the birth, the local hospital there will also be prepared in case of an emergency.

There were no further clues on the due date, with 'mid-July' still the official line, nor the sex of the baby, with the courtier saying that William and Kate themselves did not know its gender. It was also revealed that William will take two weeks paternity leave from his helicopter rescue job, but does not plan to take any time off before the birth.

Of course, being both a helicopter pilot and the future king could come in handy if he needs to cover the 300 miles from Wales to London in a hurry. Whether or not he makes it on time, it is likely that Carole or Pippa will be at the hospital with Kate anyway.

As the Queen will not be woken up if the baby is born in the middle of the night, the Middletons may well end up knowing the sex of the baby before the Queen.

The source said they expected the royal couple to leave the hospital with the baby via the front door for a photo-op, and that the duke might say 'a few words' soon after the baby is born.

All that, and I still think it's a boy.

I know, I know...