Woman Stabs Baby Trump Balloon in London

A woman recorded herself on video apparently popping one of the giant orange balloons of President Trump in a diaper in London on the second day of Trump’s state visit to the U.K. The president’s motorcade reportedly drove past one of the balloons, which protesters had permission from London Mayor Sadiq Khan to fly, on Tuesday. “I’m going in,” the unidentified woman says, before appearing to puncture the inflatable. Afterwards, she yells, “Did it! That’s a disgrace! It’s a national disgrace! The President of the United States is the best president ever.” The woman appeared to be bleeding after she walked away, and the video ends with her appearing to be searched by police. The team of “babysitters” looking after the balloon confirmed its demise to The Independent and said the woman punctured it with a “sharp object.” A spokesperson for Scotland Yard told the newspaper “one female has been arrested for being in possession of a pointed or bladed article.”