Women in the World Full Panel Videos

Watch inspiring leaders and activists from around the globe—from Angelina Jolie to Madeleine Albright—at our third annual Women in the World Summit in New York City. For a full schedule of events, click here.


Suma’s Song Kicks Off Women in the World

16 year-old Suma Tharu opened the summit with a poignant song about her time as an indentured servant in Nepal. Tharu is featured in 10x10, a feature film and global girls education campaign, and is now a Room to Read scholar.

Welcome By Tina Brown

Tina Brown welcomes a packed theater at Lincoln Center to the third annual Women in the World summit. She also introduced her 8 outstanding co-hosts who gave voices to those women who could not attend.

Forced Marriage: Are Mothers to Blame?

An inside account of the dramatic rescue of a female British citizen from Islamabad, who has been forced by her family to marry against her will.

The Price of War

Despite bearing the greatest brunt of the devastating horrors of war, women remain the pillars of their families and societies. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, shares how women represent the source of strength and become the foundation for recovery.

Sandra's Story

Sandra Uwiringiyimana survived genocide and is now a spokesperson for the Foundation of Home Ministries. Watch as Sandra recounts the horrific details of her miraculous survival.

Testimony from Angelina Jolie

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Actress and Goodwill Abmassador Angelina Jolie takes the stage to highlight the triumphs and trials of Dr. Hawa Abdi.


Day Two Welcome By Tina Brown

Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown kicked off the second day of the summit by giving her favorite quote the summit so far: Madeline Albright’s proclamation that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” Brown also gave a preview of the panels to come, including discussions on how women are changing the minds and attitudes of men in Afghanistan, the dearth of women in U.S. boardrooms and the emergence of women in combat protecting the country at home and abroad.

Holland Taylor as Governor Ann Richards: Ladies You Must Participate!

Broadway star Holland Taylor took the Women in the World stage to perform an excerpt from her one-woman show about former Texas Governor Ann Richards. Watch as Taylor channels the fiery Richards to represent what she would have said if she were here today.

Where Are the Women at the Top?

How has the dawn of feminism changed the importance of professional success? Sheryl Sandberg sat down with a panel of remarkable women who have made it to the top of their industries to discuss the role and importance of women in power.

Firebrand for Peace: Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee, the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner, spoke to Tina Brown about the power women can have in conflict zones and how she helped bring peace to Liberia. Gbowee also voiced her strong opinions on whether or not men should make decisions about women’s reproductive rights.

Changing the Minds of Men

As Afghanistan looks toward a sovereign future, how can the country advance the rights of women despite that men hold most of the power? Christiane Amanpour hosted a panel on how to keep women's rights in Afghanistan at the forefront in the minds of men.

Security Is Women's Work!

As women take on more national security roles, they bring a unique perspective and skill set to the table. Janet Napolitano, Jane Harman, Cathy Lanier and Atiete Jahjaga discussed how women bring different gifts than men and why that matters when it comes to the increasingly complex challenges of security.

Cracking the Code: Gender Parity, Growth and Jobs

Are women the key to cracking the code to job growth? Absolutely, according to this panel led by ABC's Robin Roberts, which discussed why women are critical for the future employment landscape.

Murder And Machismo: Women In Peril In Latin America

Violence against women in Latin America has surged over the past two decades. Watch as one survivor tells Christopher Dickey her terrifying story.

Hi-Tech Health for Women

One of the best tools against global health challenges is new technology. Here Barbara Bush and Gabi Zedlmayer discuss their ideas for the developing world and how young women leaders can play a crucial role.

China's New Tiger Women: Commerce and Culture

Women in China are breaking barriers as they enter the workforce at lightning speed. Barbara Walters moderates this panel on their role in China's past, present and future.

Women in Combat: Fighting on Two Fronts

Women on the frontlines have exhibited tremendous bravery as they fight to protect their country, but the Pentagon has been slow to recognize their contribution. ABC's Martha Raddatz moderates this panel discussing the role of women in the military, and what happens when they are faced with a culture in which rape and sexual assault is rampant.

A New Threat to Women’s Rights

Social issues have dominated the 2012 political year, particularly when it comes to women’s rights. Celebrating her 25th anniversary in Congress, Nancy Pelosi talks with Pat Mitchell.

Mothers of Invention: The sOccket Rockets

Two young entrepreneurs from Harvard share the story of their incredible “sOccket” invention, which is bringing electricity to impoverished communities around the world.

Russia: Covering A Despot

Russian journalist Masha Gessen talks to Chrystia Freeland about her explosive new book on Vladimir Putin and whether Russia is headed towards another revolution.

The Women’s Economy

How are women fairing after the ‘great recession?’ Amanda Steinberg, Susan Lyne, Candace Browning and Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discuss strategies for tackling the challenges that lie head for women in the workforce.

Jobs: Good News for Women?

Mellody Hobson and Valerie Jarrett discuss the role of women in the economic recovery and how women are integral to keeping America competitive in the 21st century.

View From the Crisis Zone: An Interview with Tzipi Livni

Simon Schama interviews Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni. Livni discusses the crisis with Iran, the role of women in resolving the Palestinian conflict, and women’s rights versus cultural tenets.

On the Edge of Revolution: Part 1

Marie Colvin died while reporting from the front lines in Syria. Christopher Dickey pays tribute to the legendary war correspondent before talking to photographer Lynsey Addario about being kidnapped by Gaddafi’s forces.

On the Edge of Revolution: Part 2

Marie Colvin died while reporting from Syria. Christopher Dickey pays tribute to the legendary war correspondent before talking to photographer Lynsey Addario about being kidnapped by Gaddafi’s forces.

The Arab Spring: Have Women Lost?

A year ago, Egypt's women stood alongside the men in Tahrir Square and demanded democratic reform. Now the same women have been attacked, jailed, and marginalized. Andrew Sullivan moderates a panel of women from across the country's political spectrum.


An amazing performance from Anna Netrebko, the world-renowned Russian soprano and star of the Metropolitan Opera.


Day Three Tina Brown Welcome

Newsweek/The Daily Beast Editor in Chief Tina Brown gave a warm welcome to begin the final day of the Women in the World summit. Watch as she gives a preview of what’s to come in the program, including a panel on ending female genital cutting and speeches by Meryl Streep and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Responsibility Project: Right to Play

Liberty Mutual presented a short film on Allyson Felix, an Olympic runner who highlighted how games and sports can help bring peace through the power of play.

Africa: Bagging Hunger

When it comes to changing how the world functions, women offer a unique perspective. Lauren Bush Lauren spoke to Alex Witt about the Feed Projects, which provides school meals to children around the world through the sale of artisan-made bags.

Toppling Tradition

When it comes to ending the practice of female genital cutting, it is crucial to engage the whole community. Molly Melching worked alongside Demba Diawara, a local imam in Senegal, to convince the entire community to change the practice that was once considered a social norm.

Making Justice Real in the World

What happens when women assume authority in the justice pipeline? Kamala D. Harris and Maya L. Harris, sisters with powerful careers, spoke to Cynthia McFadden about creating a more just future.

Women World Leaders: Force Multipliers

Can women breakthrough barriers without holding political office? Absolutely not, according to the women on Andrea Mitchell’s panel, with newswoman agreeing that critical mass in politics is crucial to the advancement of women around the world.

Women in the World on Campus

After the summit come the solutions. Kim Azzarelli, the president of the Women in the World Foundation, introduced a new initiative to engage women on college campuses.

Mothers of Invention: Talia Leman and

Are you ever too young to change history? Seventeen-year-old Talia Leman, the CEO and founder of, opened up about her organization that mentors kids around the world.

The Digital Lives of Girls

How has social media impacted the lives of girls? While it’s made their lives more public, it has also allowed young women to harness the power of innovation. Chelsea Clinton moderated this panel that focused on how young women use the Internet to find and project their voices.

Mothers of Invention: Principal Asenath Andrews and the Catherine Ferguson Academy

Principal Andrews oversees a Detroit school for teenage girls with children—girls who otherwise might not get the same opportunities as their childless peers. Interviewed by NPR’s Renée Montagne, the founder said expectations are high for the mothers to create a future for themselves.

Girls Can Change the World

Educate a girl and change the world. Sarah Brown, Dr. Ida Odinga, and Shelly Esque discussed breaking barriers to education for girls around the world, leading to better lives and stronger communities.

Suma’s Song: Part 1

An education is one possession that can’t be taken away. ABC’s Juju Chang interviewed Richard Robbins, the director of 10x10, which profiled 10 girls from around the world, including Suma Tharu.

Suma’s Song: Part 2

Suma Tharu returned to the stage for another breathtaking performance and opened up about how access to an education has changed her life—now she wants other girls to have the same opportunity, too.

Burma: A Door Opens

What do the upcoming elections mean for women in Burma? Watch Newsweek & The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief Tina Brown moderate this panel about the Burmese democracy leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

A Tribute by Meryl Streep

The Oscar-winner has played world leaders, and here she introduced one of them. The actress paid tribute to Hillary Clinton, but not before pointing out the parallels between their lives—and their differences: Streep was a cheerleader while Clinton was the student body president.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Perhaps the ultimate Woman in the World, the Secretary of State took the stage to discuss her tireless work on behalf of women’s rights. Clinton closed the summit with a rousing call to arms for guests to continue promoting women’s issue in their lives.