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Word Cloud: Readers Describe Barack Obama in One Word

We asked Daily Beast readers to define President Obama in one word, and here’s what they said.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

When John King asked the four GOP candidates at last week's CNN debate to sum themselves up in just one word, we were enthralled by their answers. Ron Paul said, “Consistent.” “Courage,” said Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney went with “Resolute,” and Newt Gingrich said “Cheerful.” We thought we’d ask our Facebook readers to do the same, telling us one word for the GOP candidates. You can see their responses, which range from “fake,” “plastic,” “presidential,” and “dog-challenged” for Romney to “religious,” “sanctimonious,” and “God-talker" for Santorum.

After we posted our world clouds about the Republican candidates, readers challenged us to do the same for the president. And now, it’s Barack Obama’s turn in the hot seat. What do you think of the president of the United States in one word? Your most popular answer: “Intelligent.” Other words that turned up on the list: “thickskinned,” “divisive,” and “determined.”

Below, see the full word cloud, which serves as a visual representation for our Facebook readers’ responses, with the biggest words representing those submitted the most.