14 Best iPhone Apps for College Students

From textbooks to dining halls to flashcards, there is, indeed, an app for everything. Brian Ries tracks down the applications that make college that much easier.

Chegg (FREE)

Created by the textbook peddlers at Chegg.com, the Chegg iPhone app is a free tool for renting textbooks. Students can find and order textbooks on the go by searching by name or number, or by scanning the book’s barcode with the iPhone’s camera.

myHomework (FREE)

myHomework is an easy-to-use tool for tracking homework in a simple interface. Assignments are tracked by due date and assigned a color—red, orange, or blue—depending on their priority.

iStudiez Pro ($2.99)

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, iStudiez Pro is an all-in-one app for organizing a collegiate schedule. It helps users stay on top of courseloads, upcoming tasks, and major deadlines.

Mental Case ($4.99)

Mental Case for iPhone is a well-designed flashcard app for one’s Mac, iPhone, or iPad. For the comparatively high price, users can create endless sets of flashcards with text, photo, or audio, and have the ability to download existing flashcard sets from an online database.

Exam Support with Andrew Johnson ($2.99)

This app puts Andrew Johnson, a “Relaxation Coach” from the UK, directly into your pocket. According to the app’s listing, Exam Support will help one focus, improve concentration, and beat back the rising tides of test anxiety through its “guided audio meditation.”

EZ Read (FREE)

EZ Read brings the entire collection of SparkNotes.com to the iPhone. Read book summaries, take quizzes, and explore the world of Huckleberry Finn in less than the time than it takes to walk to class. While your teachers might not approve of EZ Read, your social life will.

EverNote (FREE)

EverNote is the last word in note-taking software. Its award-winning iPhone app lets you keep track of text notes, web pages, photographs, and voice memos, which can then be accessed anywhere, anytime. Keep track of lectures, capture projected presentations, and never forget that fleeing thesis idea again.

Wi-Fi Finder (FREE)

As its name suggests, Wi-Fi Finder uses your GPS-monitored location to find open Wi-Fi networks nearby. Wi-Fi access points can be filtered by location type, and the app helpfully provides contact information and directions to the nearest coffee shop providing open internet access.

Wikipanion (FREE)

Against the will of professors worldwide, Wikipedia remains the number one research stop for every student researching a paper. To enable that access on the fly, Wikipanion is a free app that enables you to remotely search and explore Wikipedia’s seemingly endless database of entries.

Instapaper ($4.99)

Instapaper for iPhone is a fantastically simple app that saves web pages for viewing later. They are then optimized for the iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen and can be viewed offline without requiring internet access.

GoodReader ($0.99)

GoodReader for iPhone is the best tool for viewing and managing large PDF files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It syncs easily over Wi-Fi, USB, the internet, and email, and integrates with external servers like MobileMe, Google Docs, and DropBox.

Texts From Last Night ($0.99)

College wouldn’t be college without those wild “What happened last night?” recaps with roommates. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Texts From Last Night posts, quite simply, text messages that its users have submitted from the night before. And if you can’t remember, TFLN helps you remember your own, as well.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ($0.99)

When placed on the mattress, The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to calculate when best to set itself off by detecting the lightest phase in your sleep cycle and waking you up then. Users claim “it just works,” and that they’ve woken up well-rested and relaxed every time.

Urbanspoon (FREE)

Dining hall food is an unavoidable aspect of college life, but with Urbanspoon, a slot machine of nearby food options, you can search for restaurants in the neighborhood that won’t bust the wallet.