9 Amazing Watermelon Sculptures (PHOTOS)

Edible bouquets, intricate stencils, and more watermelon designs. See photos.

 To celebrate one of our nation’s juiciest fruits, we’ve compiled some of our favorite watermelon sculptures. From edible bouquets to intricate stencils, see photos.

Andre Pan / Flickr

Hours and hours of carving to end up with this leafy masterpiece.

Victoria Peckham / Flickr

Roses really smell like…well, half of an entire juicy watermelon.

Al Thomas / Flickr

Even a vegetarian wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of this salmon-colored creation.

Andre Pan / Flickr

An Easter egg, or an entire watermelon carved in an intricate floral design? We’re drooling either way.

WENN / Newscom

A substitute to traditional wedding bouquets—it smells just as nice, and can stave off any mid-nuptial hunger.

gregM35 / Flickr

The original "Edible Arrangement".

7-how-7 / Flickr

Reminiscent of traditional Spanish paintings of Our Lady of Guadalupe, this detailed design is almost holy.

Susan Tripp Pollard / Zuma

This patriotic portrait showcases a bunch of stars on one of the United States’ favorite fruits. In watermelon we trust.

Gwen Harlow / Flickr

We aren’t entirely sure what this watermelon is carved to represent—a head of lettuce, a rose bud on steroids, or perhaps just some juicy foliage.