The Sanford Affair

The South Carolina governor admitted to his Argentine fling Wednesday in a press conference that was both tearful and absurd. The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown, Paul Begala, Kathleen Parker, Mark McKinnon, and more try to make sense of the one-time presidential hopeful.

06.25.09 12:03 AM ET

What the Sanfords Didn't Say
by Tina Brown

Tina Brown decodes the Governor and First Lady’s statements about his sexual escapade. MORE >>



Sanford May Have to Take a Hike, After All
by Kathleen Parker

Anyone with a heartbeat felt for the South Carolina governor during his awkward, drawn-out press conference. But his lying to the public and going AWOL might add to up a quick exit from office. MORE >>


Sanford's Dereliction of Duty Trumps His Hypocrisy
by Paul Begala

That the South Carolina governor stepped out on his wife is his business, writes Paul Begala—though it does underscore the GOP’s culture of hypocrisy. Stepping out on his job, however, is the business of the people of South Carolina. MORE >>


Sanford Should Resign
by Mark McKinnon

After his disastrous press conference, the South Carolina governor ought to pack his bags, The Daily Beast’s Mark McKinnon writes. Now who’ll be GOP savior in 2012? MORE >>


Sanford Should NOT Resign
by John Avlon

As Governor Sanford’s former constituent in South Carolina, I understand how angry residents feel. But like Spitzer in New York, hounding him out of office now would prompt resignation remorse later. MORE >>


GOP Lothario Losers
by John Batchelor

The twinned disasters of Mark Sanford and John Ensign expose the Republican Party apparatus for the laziness, pettiness and emptiness of what is left of the leadership. But the crash of Sanford—much higher on the 2012 list—eclipses that of Ensign. MORE >>


We'll Miss Mark Sanford
by Reihan Salam

Before his career went down in flames, South Carolina’s governor was a wonderfully strange character who could have led a national movement. An elegy for a Southern original. MORE >>


Time for a Male Anti-Sex Pill
by Matt Miller

In the wake of the Sanford scandal, the only hope for American public life not becoming an endlessly embarrassing comic opera now lies with Big Pharma. The nation needs a new Manhattan Project—and this one should have bipartisan support. MORE >>


News Shrink: The Lovesick Statesman
by News Shrink

The release of Gov. Mark Sanford’s emails to his mistress prove he’s not a Spitzer, a Clinton, or an Edwards—he’s a lovesick adolescent. The Daily Beast gets a psychologist to shrink America’s latest love guv from afar. MORE >>