Blagojevich's 8 Craziest Moments

On Monday, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich went on The Daily Show. From his bizarre Elvis impression to getting bested by a computer on Celebrity Apprentice, WATCH VIDEO of his craziest moments.

08.24.10 12:45 PM ET

Blago Hits The Daily Show

Rod Blagojevich's tour of the airwaves continued Monday as he took the stand on The Daily Show. "I want to believe you're not a sociopath," Jon Stewart told the former Illinois governor.

Blago: I Wanted Oprah for Senate

Considering how much hot water Blago landed in over his potential Senate appointment, he was remarkably candid in a January 2009 interview with Diane Sawyer regarding who he really wanted to fill Obama’s vacated seat. (Hint: It’s the most ridiculous choice imaginable.)

Blago’s Two-Day Tour of Terror

But that was nothing compared to the media blitz he participated in later. Watch as he compares himself to Gandhi on Today! Swoon as he tries to woo Diane Sawyer with poetry on GMA! Recoil in horror as he allows The View ladies to tousle his formidable mane!

Blago's Bizarro Press Conference

Never one to exit gracefully, in January 2009 Blago capped off a fairly standard press conference by wading into the crowd and engaging in an odd Q-and-A session with his neighbors and the press.

Rod Blagojevich, Dancin' Fool

At a Chicago block party in August 2009, Blago did his best Elvis impression. And by “best” we mean “cover your eyes.”

Blago vs. Stewart: Round 1

In September 2009, Blago made his first Daily Show appearance, where he got oddly intimate with Jon Stewart and lamented how cynical politics has become.

Blago Loses to Computer

Kicked out of office and off Celebrity Apprentice…can’t a guy catch a break? In this hilarious outtake from a March 2010 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Blagojevich was given the task of looking up some information on the Internet. What ensued was, well, rather sad.

Blago: Don’t Count Me Out Yet!

In August 2010, Blagojevich went on Fox News Sunday to celebrate his hard-won freedom. Among the many topics he rambled on (and on and on) about was his belief that he’s due for a political comeback once he’s vindicated. He also took a moment to say that he can run faster than Winston Churchill.