8 Memorable Keith Olbermann Moments

Current TV announced Friday that it will replace Keith Olbermann with Eliot Spitzer, but it's not the first time the host has had a beef. From feuding with Bill O'Reilly, to departing MSNBC, and standing up for LGBT rights, WATCH the host's most memorable moments.

03.30.12 10:05 PM ET

Olbermann's Snarky Return

He's baaaaaack. After eight years on the air and an abrupt exit from
MSNBC, Olbermann returned Countdown to its loyal viewers—this time on
his new home, Current—on Monday. Watch the outspoken liberal
personality as he and contributor Markos Moulitsas waste no time
roasting his former bosses.

Olbermann’s Surprise Departure

Goodnight and good luck: After eight years on air—and plenty of controversy to boot—the host unexpectedly said farewell on January 21, 2011. "There were many occasions, particularly in the last two and a half years, where all that surrounded the show—but never the show itself—was just too much for me," he said.

Olbermann Gets Suspended

Olbermann faced a two-day suspension from his show after donating to the campaigns on three Democratic candidates in November 2010. A petition with 300,000 signatures and 21,000 tweets later, Olbermann was back, and apologized to Countdown viewers for the media circus that ensued in the wake of his brief hiatus. Whoops!

Olbermann Feuds With Bill O’Reilly

The Falafel-guy fatwa: Olbermann and his nemesis duked it out on primetime over ratings of their shows. In one spirited defense, Olbermann sang to O’Reilly and said that his ratings might be lower, but the median age of his viewers was lower as well, an important fact considering television advertisers covet younger demographics. “Be concerned about the odds of your viewers living into next week,” Olbermann cautioned.

Olbermann Fights Prop 8

After Proposition 8 passed in California, Olbermann dedicated his “special comment” to LGBT rights. In an emotional speech, he pleaded with opponents of gay marriage: “They want what you want—a chance to be a little less alone in the world,” and was honored with a GLAAD Media Award for the segment.

Olbermann and Coulter Fight About College

Oh no she didn’t: When Ann Coulter asserted that students who didn’t attend her college within alma mater Cornell weren’t real Ivy League grads, Olbermann—who attended the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, as opposed to the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell—was not pleased. To prove his Ivy League chops, Olbermann brought his diploma on the show to settle the issue for once and all.

Olbermann Tells Beck: 'Go to Hell'

After awarding Glenn Beck the title of "Worst Person in the World" in November 2009, Olbermann—never one to mince words—told the host, and others who he believes exploit 9/11 to advance their politics, to "go to hell."

Olbermann: My Dad Asked to Die

On the eve of the health-care summit, the host had a subject to match his over-the-top demeanor: his father's impending death. His charged "special comment" may not have changed minds about health-care reform, but it made for gripping television. The full segment can be seen here.