Royal Wedding Rumors: The Pre-nup, Honeymoon, and More

Are Will and Kate getting a pre-nup? Will the ceremony actually damage Britain’s economy? And who in the world is designing that dress? Harry Cole separates fact from fiction.

04.06.11 12:49 AM ET

With less than three weeks until the big day, royal wedding hysteria has reached a tipping point, and all sorts of rumors are emerging from the tiniest scraps of information. One that can instantly be debunked: Short of flying to the middle of a desert or hiking up a mountain, there will be very little way to escape this global event.

Here, we try to cut through the fluff and dispel a few of the myths flying around the plans and the players.

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Harry Cole is a British journalist. Based in Westminster, he is the news editor of, the U.K.'s most read political blog. In 2009, Harry co-founded the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics, which campaigns for transparency and openness in the political system.