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The Week in Viral Videos

From the royal couple’s Canadian adventure to Casey Anthony’s acquittal and Beyoncé’s surprise dance, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

07.09.11 3:00 AM ET

10. Beyoncé’s Ambush Performance

The singing sensation surprised fans by showing up when they were dancing at a Target in Harlem. Beyoncé just wants everyone to know who runs the world.

9. Regis Talks Below the Belt

File this one under “too much information.” On Tuesday’s Live, Regis and Kelly discussed how well-endowed the veteran host is, er, south of the border.

8. The New Rebecca Black?

Because it’s Friday, Friday: Meet Ark Music Factory’s new ingénue, Lexi St. George, who was discovered at a mall by the same man responsible for Black. But is she as much “fun fun fun fun”?

7. Chestnut Devours Hot Dogs, Competitors

He probably doesn’t want fries with that. Joey Chestnut became the five-time champion of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island Monday. Chestnut downed 62 to prove he was hungrier for the win than the rest of the pack on July 4th.

6. Obama’s Twitter Town Hall

The president received an unexpected tweet from John Boehner asking about jobs during his town hall Wednesday. Even social media can’t evade Congress’ partisan conflict.

5. Royal Faux Pas?

A royal snub? Say it ain’t so! The royal couple may have inadvertently ignored a time-honored tradition when they waited to don cowboy hats during their adventure in Canada. But is it really a royal blunder? You be the judge.

4. Spitzer Says Farewell

That’s all, folks. After being canned by CNN on Wednesday, Eliot Spitzer ended his show with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. That makes sense, right?

3. Pawlenty: Lady Gaga Expert?

There’s only one thing 2012 GOP hopeful Tim Pawlenty is willing to cross the aisle for: Lady Gaga music. The former Minnesota governor told interviewers he won’t limit his music taste along party lines.

2. Bristol’s Sex Life

In an awkward interview with Barbara Walters on Thursday’s The View, Bristol Palin talked date rape and losing her virginity. Yes, they went there.

1. Casey Anthony Acquitted

Anthony, who hadn’t been visibly emotional throughout her murder trial, broke down in tears when she heard the verdict. Nancy Grace wasn’t the only one displeased.