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The Week in Viral Videos

From Mila Kunis’ YouTube suitor to Bachmann’s “chutzpah” mistake and Anderson Cooper’s dramatic reading from Snooki’s book, watch our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

07.16.11 1:30 AM ET

10. U.S. Women’s Soccer Win

Goal! The U.S. women’s soccer team scored one for record books, advancing to the final round of the World Cup. Watch them net the game-winning goal.

9. Stewart’s Comedic Therapy

Jon Stewart took the Bachmanns to task on The Daily Show for their past anti-gay remarks. Watch as he enlists the help of Jerry Seinfeld to resist his “darker comedic urges.”

8. Snooki’s “Ridiculist” Spotlight

Anderson Cooper put himself on his “Ridiculist” for doubting the literary talents of Snooki, now an author twice over. Watch as he playfully sings her praises with a tongue-in-cheek reading from her book.

7. Maher: GOP Caused Anthony Verdict

Would Nancy Grace approve? On HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher said he equates Republican thinking with Casey Anthony’s not-guilty verdict.

6. WikiLeaks’ MasterCard Spoof

Watching another MasterCard commercial when you know the punch line: Boring. Having Julian Assange hijack a parody of said MasterCard commercial: Priceless.

5. Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy Training

Watch the funnylady prepare to announce Emmy nominations Thursday by enlisting the help of Joel McHale. After the Bridesmaids food-poisoning scene, there’s nothing she can’t handle.

4. Taylor Lautner’s Field of Dreams

If you build it, there won’t be a lockout? The Twilight actor took a break from his werewolf duties for this Funny or Die trailer, featuring Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta, and NFL stars.

3. Kathie Lee and Leno’s Tonight Show Kiss

Chalk it up to being drunk on alcoholic whipped cream. After showing Jay Leno her favorite boozing gadgets, Kathie Lee Gifford gave the host a smooch.

2. Kunis Accepts Afghan Invite

A Marine in Afghanistan aimed high when he asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in this YouTube video. Thanks to some help from Justin Timberlake, Kunis accepted the offer.

1. Michele Bachmann’s Ch-utzpah

Whoops! Michele Bachmann may have a lot of “chutzpah,” but that doesn’t mean she knows how to pronounce it. Watch her demonstrate her entertaining take on the Yiddish language.