David Cameron Talks Phone Hacking at Parliament: Video Highlights

Parliament broke out in an uproar on Wednesday when British Prime Minister David Cameron appeared before an emergency session to defend himself in the scandal. Watch the best moments.

07.20.11 3:51 PM ET

Cameron’s ‘Greatest Responsibility’

Cameron stepped up to the plate before a fiery emergency session of Parliament, vowing to find and prosecute those involved in Britain’s phone-hacking scandal. He pointed to “parts of the press” and “potentially the police” and chided any “petty political point scoring.” Watch as he grapples with “the greatest responsibility I have” and “answering any and all questions.”

Andy Coulson: Cameron’s Communication Problem

Cameron had only stinging words regarding Andy Coulson, his former communications director and closest tie to the hacking scandal. “With 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, I would not have offered him the job,” Cameron declared. Still, he called for reason, adding that Coulson is “innocent until proven guilty.” Watch as lawmakers interrupt the prime minister as he laments his decision to hire Coulson in the first place.

Order! Heckling Lawmakers Receive a Scolding

Outraged members of Parliament held nothing back when expressing their anger over the scandal, breaking out into a deafening roar several times during proceedings. “Order! Order!” the House of Commons speaker cried as he was forced to halt the proceedings. “Think of what the public thinks of our behavior” he pleaded. Lawmakers heeded—for a second for two—until they were back at it, shouting away.

Cameron Vigorously Defends His Staff

Taking sides: Rupert Murdoch blamed his staff for their corrupt actions, but Cameron left no gray area when discussing his. “My staff behaved entirely properly,” he proclaimed, citing published emails as proof that they fully cooperated with police. Watch as Cameron further distances himself from Murdoch’s grasp and calls for the police to “pursue the evidence” to find the guilty and “arrest exactly who they wish.”

Cameron: ‘Not One Single Inappropriate Conversation’

Cameron swung back at accusations of misconduct, denying any “inappropriate” involvement in News International’s bid for BSkyB. “There was no breach of the ministerial code,” according to Cameron. Watch as he clamors over jeers from members of Parliament to make his point.