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7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

Cheney hints that Clinton should be in the White House, Bachmann speaks metaphorically, DeMint blasts the smear campaign against the Tea Party, and more in our Sunday talk roundup.

09.04.11 7:29 PM ET

Cheney: Clinton Would Work Better With GOP

Dick Cheney sure has been taking a lot of “cheap shots” this week, but here’s a surprise: The former vice president said that if Hillary Clinton were president, she might have had a better relationship with the GOP than Obama currently does. On Fox News Sunday, Cheney wouldn’t endorse Clinton—he said that would be “the kiss of death”—but said that she was “one of the more competent members of the current administration." Take that, O!

Bachmann Speaks Metaphorically

Maybe God doesn’t send messages through the weather, but Michele Bachmann sends messages using metaphors. Last week, after the congresswoman said that Hurricane Irene was an act of God, she immediately backtracked and said she was only “joking.” But when asked about her controversial comments on Face the Nation, Bachmann said that she was just speaking “metaphorically.” We’d like to add this exchange to the Republican candidate’s gaffe reel. Literally, that is.

DeMint: Obama’s Tea Party Smear Campaign

Should the Tea Party panic after recent polls show a decline in its popularity? According to Sen. Jim DeMint, no, because the “Tea Party” doesn’t exist. Instead, it’s just a group of “genuine citizen” activists holding the government accountable. On State of the Union DeMint went on to blast Obama, Democrats, and the media for orchestrating a smear campaign against the Tea Party. DeMint might want to avoid referring to the Tea Party as an organization with no central head, and thousands of satellite leaders across the nation—last time we checked, that’s how the media refers to al Qaeda.

Huntsman to Palin: Get Real

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman would like to offer a subtle criticism of Sarah Palin: get back to reality. On Face the Nation, Huntsman told Bob Schieffer that while the Mama Grizzly’s proposal to eliminate federal corporate taxes is a great idea that everyone believes in, it’s just not possible. It’s probably safe to say that the two former governors will not be on the same ticket next year.

Fort Hood Shooter’s Family Speaks

In an exclusive on This Week, the Fort Hood shooter’s cousin spoke to Bob Woodruff. Nader Hasan still finds it hard to believe that former Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan went on a rampage that killed 13 people. Watch as the shooter’s cousin describes traumatic events that, when mixed with Nidal's growing religious fervor, may have sparked the tragedy.

Shaky Security After 9/11

State of the Union’s Candy Crowley has a bone to pick with Sen. Joe Lieberman and Rep. Mike Rogers: Ten years after 9/11, how is there still not a reliable mechanism to detect bombs on airline passengers? Rogers said that the U.S.’s terror enemies are constantly adapting to new security measures and there is no clear-cut way of making sure travel is 100 percent safe. That’s not very reassuring.

Palin Makes the Press Pant

Will the press ever stop following Sarah Palin? In a panel on Reliable Sources, Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift said that the media is just “covering their backs” when it comes to the potential candidate, in the event that she decides to run.’s Jim Geraghty agreed, but added that this can’t last forever—Palin has to announce by Nov. 1.