Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes

Searching for the best Halloween ensemble for the family pooch? Using data from major national retailers, The Daily Beast found the pet costumes—from bumblebee to hot dog—that are 2011’s most popular.

10.11.11 2:49 AM ET

Better buy the candy and ready the decorations—this year’s Halloween celebrations are slated to be the largest in nearly a decade. According to the National Retail Federation, seven in 10 Americans are planning to celebrate the holiday, a larger slice of the population since its Halloween survey started nine years ago.

Of the expected $6.86 billion in spending, the NRF projects that $310 million will be spent on pet costumes. Outfitting the family feline or canine has never been a more popular pastime.

In honor of the feted pets, The Daily Beast reached out to some of the largest costume retailers to find out which getups were flying from the shelves the fastest. Ricky’s and provided lists of the year’s top sellers so far. As well, data from the National Retail Federation’s survey of the most popular pet costumes were used.