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Occupy Wall Street's Breakout Stars

These are the new celebrities of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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As the Occupy Wall Street protest becomes a global movement, The Daily Beast highlights the protesters and press members that have become overnight sensations.

Occupy Wall Street has transitioned from a fringe movement to a global phenomenon. Initially characterized as rudderless, leaderless and pointless, the movement has seemingly outlived the basic conceits of its detractors. U.S. crowds climbed to 100,000 over the weekend and International protests drew hundreds of thousands. As well, the organization has nearly $300,000 in its coffers, a growing crowd of celebrity support and a Katz’s Deli-stocked kitchen.

OWS also has its share of everyman stars, riding viral waves of celebrity and offering 140-character scoops. From the bloggers to the cops to the protesters making the most headlines, these are the real stars of OWS.


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