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The Craziest Music Collaborations

Lou Reed and Metallica’s ‘Lulu’ is far from the oddest combo ever. Ozzy and Miss Piggy? See our list!

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Lou Reed and Metallica’s ‘Lulu’ is far from the strangest music combo ever. Ozzy Osbourne and Miss Piggy? Charles Manson and the Beach Boys? See our list and hear the tunes!


Music legends—and unlikely bedfellows—Lou Reed and Metallica have collaborated on an album together, Lulu, released Nov. 1. The concept began when the two performed together back in 2009 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 25th anniversary concert, and the album has been described by influential music critic Chuck Klosterman as “an elderly misanthrope reciting paradoxical aphorisms over a collection of repetitive, adrenalized sludge licks.” But it’s far from the most bizarre musical pairing. From Bob Dylan rapping with Kurtis Blow to Ozzy Osbourne’s head-scratching duet with The Muppets’ Miss Piggy, check out the most bizarre musical collaborations ever recorded.

By Marlow Stern

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