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Coca –Cola, M&M’s, & More Classic Holiday Commercials (VIDEO)

Christmas commercials are as much a part of the holidays as Eggnog and chestnuts roasted over an open fire. From the fighting Flintstones to that crazy Target lady, watch video of the 10 most memorable Christmas commercials.

12.22.11 2:36 AM ET

The Best Part of Waking Up 

The ‘80s Folgers ad follows “Peter” as he arrives home for Christmas and is greeted by his baby sister. He then puts on a pot of coffee and the rich smell of hazelnut rouses the rest of the family from their sugar plum dreams. At the end, everyone is in a caffeinated bliss while opening presents around the tree.  In 2009, the coffee company tried to redo the classic commercial. And while the concept was still there, the baby sister was a teenager and it was initially unclear whether they were dating or related. Let's just say it wasn’t as magical.

Caveman Christmas 

Watch as Bedrock BFF’s Fred and Barney put their differences aside and learn the true meaning of Christmas from a prehistoric Santa Claus. Sure, Fruity Pebbles doesn't necessarily conjure up warm holiday memories. Nevertheless, this modern Stone Age family makes watching the next commercial a Yabba Dabba Do!  

Warm Your Insides 

Trapped inside every snowman is a little boy just waiting to get out. If taken literally, this is a very disturbing thought. It does, however, make for a wildly effective commercial. Watch as this shivering snowman escapes the bitter cold and finds warmth in a bowl of chicken noodle soup. It’s a subtle reminder that the Campbell’s classic will always make a bad situation “Mmm mmm good.”  

Crazy Target Lady 

Watch her run. Watch her lift. Watch her leap over other shoppers in a single bound. She’s the crazy Target lady, a housewife turned retail turbo who has quickly earned her spot as a holiday regular. Her obsession with all things Christmas has taught us two lessons. First, preparation is the key to success. Second (and most importantly) don’t cut her in line–because she will cut you.

Jingle Bells, For the Angels

A classic movie coined the quote, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." If that’s true, then there’s a ton of angels flying around who owe this next commercial. The 16-second rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” played by a bell-choir of Hershey kisses, has been around every holiday season since its debut in the mid-‘80s. It's a staple of the holidays. Just like those jumbo packs of double-A batteries. 

Coca Cola’s Coming to Town 

Coca-Cola’s holiday can didn’t do so well this year, but one thing that always succeeds are their holiday commercials. Sure, there are plenty to choose from, but this spot featuring a never-ending line of pimped out semi trucks is one of the best. Forget Santa Claus. Coca-Cola is coming to town! 

Sneaky Santa Loves Cookies

Staying true to tradition, a little boy leaves milk and Oreos out for Santa Claus. Unfortunately, his plan to catch St. Nick is foiled when his “little rest” turns into a full-fledged sleep session. Santa sneaks in, eats all the cookies, and slips away undetected. With the proliferation of commercials for pharmaceutical drugs, it's nice to come across a sweet little gem like this. 

Cheeri-O Holy Night 

Bah humbug. Everyone's favorite curmudgeon is fully content dining on his “customary gruel”– until he meets Buzz. After the Cheerios mascot presents Scrooge with a bowl full of Honey Nut nirvana, the old man instantly finds himself happier—and with lower cholesterol. Insert the angelic sounds of a boy’s choir and this ad has all the makings of a holiday classic. 

M&M’s Spook Santa 

Which is more alarming? Seeing Santa Claus or running into a talking piece of candy? How about both? When the red and yellow M&M’s encounter St. Nick placing presents under the tree, both parties get quite the surprise. Well, except for the yellow M&M. He didn’t get scared. Because, you know, he has…

Bi-Polar Union 

Watch as two animals from opposite ends of the world unite in the name of Christmas and carbonated beverages. The Coca-Cola polar bears don’t care about global warming–they’re basking in the warmth of the holidays, when a group of hard partying Penguins offer up their favorite drink. Sure, these two mammals live on different poles and would never actually meet. But it’s Christmas and it’s cute, so we’ll let it slide.