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Huntsman, Perry Quit; Newt Takes On ‘Elite’ Media; and More Viral Videos

From Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry’s campaign departures, to Obama’s soulful stylings of the Rev. Al Green, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

01.21.12 9:45 AM ET

10. And Your 2012 Miss America Is ...

After countless dance routines, challenging interview questions, and what can only be described as blood and tears, Miss Wisconsin took the crown at this year’s pageant. Naturally, a Kardashian was present to judge the occasion.

9. Sofia and Ellen: CoverGirls?

Sofia Vergara made quite the appearance on Ellen when DeGeneres applied her makeup. It isn’t pretty?

8. Colbert: Newt’s a Gentleman!

Did the media get Gingrich’s adulterous past all wrong? South Carolina’s favorite son seems to think so. On Morning Joe, Stephen Colbert brought a fresh perspective to the coverage: the speaker was a gentleman for at least asking for an open marriage.

7. Perry: Leave the Marines Alone!

It was just a dumb mistake. This is how Texas Gov. Rick Perry described the actions of the four U.S. Marines accused of urinating on dead Taliban fighters. The Marines now face criminal charges, a penalty that Perry says shows President Obama’s disdain for the military.

6. The Most Explosive Moment in Debate History?

CNN wastes no time. At the South Carolina debate, the former House speaker’s baggage was first on the agenda when John King challenged Newt Gingrich to address his ex-wife’s allegations that he asked for an open marriage.

5. A Kinder, Gentler Gervais? Dream On.

While he wasn’t quite as acerbic as he was last year, Ricky Gervais still sharpened his rapier wit to a nigh-uncomfortably fine point in his role as host of the Golden Globes. Watch him open the show by making fun of the awards show itself.

4. Obama Channels Al Green

The president impressively breaks into song during a fundraiser at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

3. Huntsman Quits ‘Toxic’ Race

Jon Huntsman announced the end of his presidential campaign, offering some terse words about the state of the political process before endorsing frontrunner Mitt Romney.

2. Perry: I Will Leave the Trail

Another one bites the dust. Gov. Rick Perry ended his presidential campaign just days before the South Carolina primary. Perry said he "will head back to Texas" and officially endorsed Newt Gingrich.

1. Marianne Gingrich: Newt Wanted Open Marriage

What was it really like being married to Newt? The former Mrs. Gingrich told ABC News about her former husband’s thoughts on marriage.