You Will See Diana Again, Bob Marley’s Widow Tells Harry As Prince Dances To ‘One Love’

Harry continues his idiosyncratic diplomatic mission in Jamaica

03.07.12 12:01 PM ET

Rita Marley, the wife of reggae legend Bob, handed Prince Harry a letter yesterday in Jamaica in which she told him he would see his mother again in heaven.

Mrs Marley said: "Prince Harry's visit is a blessing. He is a very human boy, he was born in one love as we were born in one love. Harry is a gift from God. He spreads the love. I am giving him a letter in which I tell him how we will all see his beautiful mother again one day."

An aide said the Prince had been "deeply touched" by Mrs Marley's gift.

Harry then continued his idiosyncratic diplomatic campaign by wowing the crowd, dancing to 'One Love'. Video after the jump.