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Kate Upton, Justin Bieber, and More Stars Who ‘Cat Daddy’ (VIDEO)

Kate Upton’s ‘Cat Daddy’ performance may have been banned from YouTube for being too risqué, but she’s not the only star who has moves. From Justin Bieber to Chris Brown, here’s our list of the top 5 celebrities doing the dance.

05.02.12 5:56 PM ET

Kate Upton’s Banned Dance

Bad boy Terry Richardson is at it again. The legendary photographer shot a one-minute video of model Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy.” What’s bad about that? Well, it just so happens that Upton was doing the dance in a “barely there” bikini, making it “too hot” for YouTube. The video site banned the clip based on Upton’s cleavage and excessive gyrating. Was this the right call? Judge for yourself!

Chris Brown: Cat Daddy Royalty

Just call him the “Cat Daddy” King. Chris Brown appeared in the original “Cat Daddy” music video by the Rej3ctz, making him the resident expert on the dance. From the circular arm movements to the deep knee bend, Brown has the form and grace of a true Cat Daddy pro. 

Bieber Breaks it Down

If Chris Brown is the king, then Justin Bieber is the prince. Ever the master of staying on top of trends, the pop star has become a Cat Daddy junkie. From The Ellen DeGeneres Show to a dance off with Willow Smith, here is a compilation of Bieber’s best Cat Daddy moments.

Selena Gomez Has Moves

In a more tasteful rendition than Upton’s performance, Selena Gomez took her shot at the Cat Daddy. At a press event for her movie Monte Carlo, Gomez was asked to do the dance by a person in the crowd. Taking it one step further, the singer called the fan on stage to dance with her.  Although slow at the start, Justin Bieber’s lady quickly polished her Cat Daddy skills.

Tigger’s Cat Daddy Debut

We knew Tigger could jump, but who knew he could dance? During a standard afternoon at Disneyland, a group of visitors approached Winnie the Pooh’s BFF and challenged him to dance off. The result is not only hilariously funny, but also pretty impressive!