The Daily Pic

A Cezanne for Our Times

The Daily Pic: The films of Tacita Dean dig deep into her subjects.

05.08.12 7:26 PM ET

Last year, I listed Tacita Dean as one of the 10 most important artists working today. Had I ranked my choices, she would have stood toward the top. Her contemplative films (never videos) unpack the world the way Cezanne and Chardin do. On Sunday, the New Museum in New York opened a show of her cinematic portraits, in which she takes lingering looks at Claes Oldenburg, Cy Twombly, Julie Mehretu and (at especially great length) the choreographer Merce Cunningham. I talked to Dean about these works in Monday's Daily Beast, and you can click on the still on this page for footage that gives a tiny taste of the Cunningham piece. (It's literally 1/100th of the total.)

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