Twitter Reactions to Anderson Cooper Coming Out to Andrew Sullivan

Soon after Andrew Sullivan published an email from CNN host and reporter Anderson Cooper saying he was gay, celebrities gay and straight took to Twitter to celebrate the newly out anchor.

07.02.12 7:23 PM ET

Within hours of Anderson Cooper outing himself in an email to Andrew Sullivan on The Dish, many celebrities—gay and straight—news anchors, and others cheered him on. Here are some of the best tweets:

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris, also gay, congratulates Cooper on coming out:

N Sync singer Lance Bass compliments the anchor:

Actress and TV host Ellen DeGeneres lends her support:

Dan Savage, sex advice columnist, recommends Cooper’s email to Sullivan as a good read:

TV host Kelly Ripa shows her pride:

Actor Michael McKean offers his thoughts on society’s progress:

Andy Cohen, Bravo host, kept his tweet short and sweet:

Richard Branson quotes from Cooper’s email:

Russell Simmons congratulates the reporter:

Fellow TV host Thomas Roberts is happy for Anderson:

Actress Kristen Bell pays Cooper a compliment:

LeAnn Rimes calls Anderson “brave” and “classy”:

GMA weather anchor Sam Champion congratulates his friend:

Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson points out his friend’s eloquence:

Comedian and actress Wanda Sykes is proud of Cooper as well: