andy's office angels

Andy's New Girls

Nudge nudge

08.06.12 9:03 PM ET

An innuendo-filled piece in The Telegraph explores Prince Andrew's appointment of 'a growing team of powerful women', disclosing that Prince Andrew has appointed Amanda Thirsk, a former banker, as his new private secretary.

The Telegraph reports that in 2010, Randy Andy, "appointed one of David Cameron’s most glamorous lieutenants to be his new assistant private secretary. Laura Hutchings, who first visited Andrew at Buckingham Palace in 2007, stepped down as the director of the Conservative Middle East Council to take up the key post for Prince months earlier, the Duke appointed a striking new equerry ... Charlotte Fenn, 33, who attracted much comment because of her striking physical similarities to his former wife, Sarah, Duchess of York."

“We call them 'Andy’s Angels’,” a courtier says of the Duke’s female team tells the Telegraph, with an ill-concealed nudge.