Daily Beast Readers Review Apple’s iPhone 5

As Apple sets sales records with its newest iPhone, some users are voicing a few complaints. We asked our readers what they thought of the phone thus far—from ‘too thin’ to ‘resolution fabulous,’ here’s their feedback.

09.26.12 8:45 AM ET

The Apple iPhone 5 has finally found its way into the hands of a record-setting 5 million excited fans. While the overall reception has been good, some users have complained about the new operating system’s Maps app, which uses Apple’s data rather than Google’s. Uproar was significant enough that a Tumblr was set up to compile photographic evidence of the new app’s faults. The other main complaint seems to be that the new body of the phone is more prone to scratches than previous models, with some users even saying the phone was marked out of the box.

So what do our readers think of the iPhone 5 so far? While none mentioned any scratches, a few add low battery life to the complaint about the Maps app. We also had plenty of users defend the 5, specifically citing its LTE speed. Here’s what they had to say.

Sue Cranga: Love it! Super fast and great features. Resolution fabulous.

Toby Martin: Obligatory fanboy comment that it is too thin.

Matt Geier: It’s a great step forward from the iPhone 4. Performs like a champ.

Steve Schwartz: It’s white, it’s 64 GB, it has all of my songs and photos, and the damn thing is at least twice as fast as my iPhone 4 in getting mail and browsing. Also, Siri works better than on my wife’s 4S. I love the retina screen and camera. The Apple maps are not as good as the Google maps and I miss the YouTube app (although I am told it can be downloaded from the iTunes store). This shouldn’t be a war between Android and Apple ... Everyone can now have the instrument that suits them. Vive la difference!

Josh Wilson: Wouldn’t mind better battery life and maps. Build and software quality is still unmatched. It’s a closer race but iPhone’s still on top.

Michael Cohen: Love it, especially the ability to use 4G LTE.

Kate Kinahan Mancini: Just got it today and so far loving it. Camera is awesome—display is crystal clear—seems much faster. Love the lightweight feel!

Tso Irma: ♥ it. Light, fast, and stylish …

Zack Currey: I love mine so far.

Pauline Turski: Still struggling with the iPhone 4—defective and becoming very annoyed. Doubt I’ll go much farther with iPhone and switch over very soon.

Keyser Sose: Yes ... battery life is horrible!

Giancarlo King: Love it. So fast, and so smooth. Big leap from 4S.

Jon Garner: Waste of money.

Andrew Lords: Had mine for a couple days now, it’s a much better “phone,” having multiple microphones is a big help. LTE is so fast ... great reception on AT&T (sorry, Verizon marketing), turn by turn is killer. Thanks, Apple.