Under Water


Seven Shocking New York City Flooding Videos

If you didn’t know better, you’d think the Big Apple was sinking. From Midtown to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, watch Hurricane Sandy submerge the city.

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

In this surreal footage, water gushes into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. With the exception of the Lincoln Tunnel, all major bridges and tunnels in and out of Manhattan were closed on Monday, leaving the island almost completely isolated. The water level at Battery Park was measured at a record 13.88 feet.

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Stuyvesant Town

The storm also pummeled the East Village and Lower East Side, turning the neighborhoods into a veritable Waterworld. This video captures rivers flowing through the residential community of Stuyvesant Town, nearly drowning parked cars. 

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While lower Manhattan was hit hard, the storm’s surge didn’t spare certain sections of midtown and upper Manhattan.

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West Side Highway

For the first minute or so of this footage, you might think the flooding around 125th Street and the West Side Highway isn’t so bad—until the camera cuts to an entire street submerged, and a woman frolicking in calf-high water.

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FDR Drive

The FDR Drive, which snakes along Manhattan’s east side, turned into an extension of New York’s waterways Monday night, making it nearly impossible to determine where the East River ends and the highway begins.

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Long Island City

In one of the many Queens neighborhoods hit hard by the storm, water surges down a Long Island City street as wind whips the camera.

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True, Yonkers is not officially New York City, but this video from nearby Westchester County shouldn’t be missed. Flooding didn’t hit only the streets; it also made its way indoors. Here, we’re guided around an apartment building that incurred Sandy’s wrath.

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