Decision 2012

Author Terry McMillan on Why Mitt Romney Is the Wrong Man for America

The candidate lies to women, manipulates the truth about his taxes and his tax policy, and covers for racists. The ‘Waiting to Exhale’ author’s case for President Obama.

11.02.12 4:27 AM ET

Mitt Romney is a pimp. He’s pimping his base, lying every opportunity he gets with the hope that the uninformed—as well as those who are supporting him because they just want to get that black man out of the White House—will spread his ill will and surrender to his lack of compassion for those who have suffered because of what President Bush and corporate America have done to Americans. If I thought for one minute that Romney would be better for this country than President Obama, I would vote for him.

My friends and family know that this election has me as upset, if not more than I was during my well-publicized divorce a few years back. So you know I’m really angry then, right? Though I’m writing my new novel (due in another month), I can’t seem to pull myself away from the 24-hour cycle of news with the latest election chatter. I admit I am obsessed and over the last few months I’ve talked about, ranted about, and even tweeted regularly about just how racist this entire campaign season has been and how so many people either don’t see, or refuse to see, the real truth behind the Republicans and Mitt Romney.

Thankfully not everyone is so blind. This past Sunday, The New York Times announced their endorsement of President Obama and listed the very real ways he has helped this country, as well as highlighted how much he’d accomplished in four years, despite no Republican support.

From day one of the Obama administration, Republicans agreed not to support any legislation he proposed that would have improved the economy, especially the Jobs Bill, which would have created almost 2 million jobs. Their goal was to make the president look ineffective, while their inaction and filibusters should be seen for what it was: racist, as well as treasonous for allowing our country to nearly go bankrupt just to make their point. They didn’t mind when Bush was spending trillions on wars, did they? In their quest to embarrass and humiliate the president, Republicans have harmed our country.

I’m so glad the Times, along with many other news organizations, is able to see through Mitt Romney as well as the B-movie performances he relies on to fool his base. Even a fifth-grader should be able to see clearly what those truths are: Mitt Romney is a phony, arrogant, dishonest, manipulative, pompous, elitist human being who lacks genuine compassion, and, as a result, is ill-equipped to run the United States of America.

He lies about things a presidential hopeful shouldn’t be lying about. Three of my favs: his bogus tax policy, Medicaid, and, the biggest of all: that he’s a magician and can create 12 million jobs in four years! We’re talking about affecting 320 million peoples’ lives (less that 1%). Employees—not corporations—are people. And yet Mitt seems to have it twisted. He would turn this country into even more of an oligarchy because he would be indebted to his plutocrat friends who’ve paid for him to buy this election—so that they, like Mitt, won’t have to pay more in taxes, if any.

There also is another major truth about Romney that no woman in her right mind should ignore. He seems downright excited about having the power to throw women off the bridge and setting us back 40 years. Mitt and his posse—Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and now Richard Mourdock (along with 13 other white male senators and even two females)—have decided to use “big government” to impose their religious beliefs on us. “Life is a gift from God,” Mourdock said. Rape isn’t, Richard. No one except the victim of rape should have the right to decide how he or she handles the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of it.

Church and state are supposed to be separate. Elected officials should not be allowed to use the Senate, the House of Representatives, and especially the White House as a platform from which to impose their religious beliefs on women. Period. I’d really like to know why they are so preoccupied with what women do with their bodies.

In his willingness to “expose” his policies affecting women, Romney has made it clear that he wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood and repeal Roe v. Wade and yet he has not been as forthcoming when it comes to releasing his taxes. (Even a 3-year old would know he’s hiding something that would make us see how slick he really is.)

All these men have egos the size of the moon and as a result have OD’d on self-aggrandizement. They need to be stopped from destroying what many who came before us fought for. These men seem intimidated by women, mostly our ability to do the jobs they assumed were meant only for them, and even more: our brilliance and our new power.

They are jealous of our African-American president, which is why they’ve gone to such extremes to roll back the clock to the days when they ruled. This is why Republicans have done everything possible to pass laws to suppress the vote: they are losing their grip. This Club they’re obviously honorary members of is one where honesty, dignity, and fair play take a backseat to winning at all costs, and they feel not one ounce of shame when their tactics are exposed. They need to get over themselves, the past, and stop trying to control everybody and everything, at everyone’s expense but their own.

I have the utmost respect for President Obama and wonder how he’s been able to tolerate the disdain, cruelty, disrespect, and overt racial attacks on his character and his ethnicity, coming from those who’ve been unwilling to give him any credit for what he’s accomplished. These folks have made it crystal clear why they resent the president’s achievements. Be done with them. I’m just grateful so many of us are able to see clearly why President Obama has the best interest of America and Americans at heart and hope that more than enough of us acknowledge this truth by next Tuesday.