12.11.12 11:00 PM ET

Ask Hanna Rosin Anything

Readers ask the author of 'The End of Men: And the Rise of Women' about the perils of today's hook-up culture, whether discrimination is responsible for the wage gap, and whether the so-called 'end of men' is good for women.

A reader asks Hanna Rosin: Is the 'end of men' good for women?

A reader asks Hannah Rosin: To what extent is the wage gap due to discrimination? Other factors?

A reader asks Hanna Rosin: Are minority women getting as much compared to white women?

A reader asks 'End of Men' author Hanna Rosin: What's your take on today's hook-up culture?

A reader asks Hanna Rosin: Why are boys and young men doing so poorly compared to their female counterparts?

A reader asks Hanna Rosin: What's your reaction to the GOP's plank on abortion?