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12-12-12 Concert’s Best Moments: Springsteen, Bon Jovi & More (VIDEO)

From the Boss to the Who to Kanye West, from Billy Crystal to Jon Stewart to Adam Sandler, Wednesday’s Sandy relief concert was full of highlights. WATCH VIDEO.

12.13.12 4:30 AM ET


What better way to start off a benefit concert for Sandy victims than with the Boss, the personification of the Jersey Shore before there was ever Jersey Shore—and long after—and the man who embodies the hopes and dreams of Americans the country over? After a short video documented Sandy’s damage, Bruce Springsteen fittingly launched into his “Land of Hope and Dreams,” the Madison Square Garden audience leapt to its feet, and they all kicked off a night of rebuilding.

Billy Crystal: ‘You Didn’t Put Me Down,’ Sandy

Live event host extraordinaire Billy Crystal emceed the event, and even though he didn’t kick it off with one of his famous song-and-dance routines, he did land a solid first joke. “You can feel the electricity in the building,” Crystal said, “which means that Long Island Power is not involved.”

Adam Sandler: Sandy, Screw You

We’re not sure how Leonard Cohen feels about it, but Adam Sandler’s, um, “interpretation” of the classic tune “Hallelujah” sure got the crowd buzzing. Watch it here.

Steve Buscemi and Some Drunk Guys

They’re called the Graybeards. They’re 180 Rockaway dads who have been helping their community rebuild since the storm. So please forgive some of them for indulging a bit (a lot?) at the concert. When Steve Buscemi let a couple extra Graybeards into the live shot, one—who is rather large—grabbed Buscemi and yelled in his ear: “Let’s go Buscemi, I love you!” To which Buscemi responded: “You could have heard one more Stones song, but no.” Ouch.

Jagger: ‘If It Rains in London, You’ve Got to Come and Help Us’

Um, yeah, it wasn’t just rain. And pretty sure the U.S. helped you guys out in World War II. So let’s not call it even, shall we? Please stop talking and play “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” Thank you.

Bonus: The Boss and Bon Jovi

One! Two! Three! It might be the most iconic number counting in all of rock ’n’ roll, and Bon Jovi relished his opportunity to count in from the breakdown in Springsteen’s “Born to Run” on Wednesday night. Watch the duet here.

Roger Daltrey Goes Rogue

It may be a benefit concert, but it's also a rock concert! At least according to The Who's Roger Daltrey, who added a little spice into the band's set, yelling "Who the F%$* are you?!"

Kanye Wears a Leather Skirt

Sure, Kanye West is a trendsetter. He was one of the first rappers to rock a polo shirt, and he attends high-end fashion shows. But a leather skirt? If this becomes a thing, Kanye is officially the most influential person in the world.

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