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Nicolas Ghesquiere Tweets; Naomi Campbell Got Mugged

And Silicon Valley goes formal.

01.05.13 12:04 AM ET

Ghesquière Tweets!: Nicolas Ghesquière speaks! The former Balenciaga designer elated fashion enthusiasts when he created a Twitter account last month. Weeks later (during which time he’s amassed nearly 3,500 followers), Ghesquière has finally dispatched his first tweet—and it’s space age inspired. “Thank you to all for such a fantastic welcome!” he wrote, also including a twitpic of a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet. [Twitter]

Naomi Campbell’s Paris Mugging: Naomi Campbell suffered a horrible mugging in Paris last month while trying to hail a cab. The 42-year-old supermodel was violently pushed to the ground—presumably targeted for high-value jewelry she was wearing—with such force that she tore a ligament. Campbell has since been recovering in the United States where she’s been using a wheelchair and crutches to get around. [Page Six]

Formal Friday Popular Amongst Startups: Tech startups aren’t known for their winning taste in formalwear (enter Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie), but now according to The Wall Street Journal, Silicon Valley is reversing the trend of Casual Friday in favor of Formal Friday. The trend has reportedly spread amongst many offices; sometimes with email invites baring photos of Barbie and Ken dressed to the nines. [WSJ]

Tory Burch, Billionaire?: Now come additional details about why Tory and Chris Burch were so intent on settling their lawsuit before the New Year—and unsurprisingly, it has something to do with taxes. While specific details of the exes’ settlement had remained confidential, Bloomberg reports that Chris sold half of his shares in Tory Burch’s company, which makes Tory a billionaire according to PrivCo Media LLC. By closing the deal on December 31, Chris was required to pay a 15 percent capital gain tax, rather than 2013’s new-and-improved 20 percent government take. [Bloomberg]

NYPD’s Clip-On Tie Order: The NYPD has ordered up a fresh round of 45,00 clip-on ties for its fleet of officers on Thursday, soliciting bid requests from an array of manufacturers. But why the clip-on? “They break away when pulled,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the New York Daily News, “Depriving a suspect of the opportunity to choke or otherwise injure an officer.” [NYDN]