Let's Talk About Guns

Frum Blog Housekeeping

01.25.13 12:00 PM ET

Few quick announcements for our beloved readers.

First, David is hosting a live chat on guns at 2 PM EST this afternoon. Format is the same as last time. You send in a bunch of questions, David picks out the interesting/challenging/relevant ones and fires back an answer. 

The other is that I'll be reporting this weekend from the annual National Review Institute Summit. If there are any questions you'd like asked, any stories of interest paid heed, or even just general things observed, I'm happy to listen. Should be an interesting event, and it will only be better if I have specific things to look for and report on. The caveat is I won't be able to spend much time looking through comments sections, so if you have questions and/or comments, please email me directly at jlucasgreen(at)gmail(dot)com. I do my best to respond promptly to all correspondence.