Are You Kidding Me?

When in Doubt, Sue!

02.13.13 8:30 PM ET

Megan Thode, a former masters student at Lehigh University in Bethleham, PA, is suing the school for $1.3 Million over a C+ grade she received. Her claim? Lehigh had a ‘vendetta’ against her. She is suing the university for breach of contract and sexual discrimination. Okay.

Turns out she needed to earn a B in a fieldwork class in order to meet the requirements to complete her degree, but her grade sunk after her professor, Amanda Carr, gave her a zero score for classroom participation...

The university’s lawyers said that while Ms. Thode appeared to be a good student on paper, she didn’t deserve the passing grade, alleging she “showed unprofessional behavior that included swearing in class and, on one occasion, having an outburst in which she began crying"...

Ms. Thode also alleged department-wide conspiracy, saying the head of the College of Education was in cahoots with Ms. Carr about failing her after she’d complained about a mandatory internship.