David Frum


Why is Paul Ryan Embracing Immigration Reform?

Video screenshot

Paul Ryan has joined Marco Rubio in the battle to pass the Gang of Eight immigration measure.

Ryan offered pub[l]ic encouragement to Rubio and the other “Gang of 8” senators throughout their negotiations to craft a comprehensive reform bill. And unlike other House leaders who encouraged “reform” in theory while dodging the specifics of what a bill would entail, Ryan specifically embraced a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants right out of the gate.

Is this the re-emergence of Paul Ryan's affiliation with the Jude Wanniski/Jack Kemp school of supply-side economics?

An example of GOP "young guns" unholstering their six-guns together?

Or … more cynically … another contender for the 2016 presidential nomination accepting the preference of the GOP's biggest donors for ultra-slack labor markets?