Prince Harry In Human Pyramid Pictures

Prince Harry wrapped up yesterday's engagements in Colorado by being roped into a cheerleading display

Prince Harry has a day out of the public eye today as he travels back to the East Coast so allow us to entertain you with these pictures taken yesterday of the third in line to the throne forming part of an ambitious cheer-leading display with cadets at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado.

STEP 1: Harry kneels down on all fours (Rick Wilking / Getty Images)

The Prince got down on all fours to help form a three-tier pyramid with the team's mascot, dressed as a big blue bird, forming the apex.

STEP 2: A young lady climbs on top of Harry (not for the first time we suspect) (John Stillwell / Getty Images)

On day four of his US tour the Prince, 28, had first joined an American Football training session, during which he also watched a display of gymnastics by the cheerleaders for the base’s Falcons team.

STEP 3: Harry holds still as the mascot of the United States Air Force Academy's football team climbs to the top of the pile (John Stillwell / Getty Images)

Cadet Scott Cronin, 19, said: “I was on top of him and he was solid, a solid base. He did great.”