Jay-Z, a Toddler’s Fox News Revenge, McDiving & More Viral Videos

From Finland’s wife-carrying championships to how to escape a bear and a dancing George W. Bush, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

07.13.13 8:45 AM ET

10. Dubya Dances

Former President George. W. Bush busted a move on his trip to Africa with wife Laura. He also took a minute to discuss same-sex marriage and whether or not he’s trying to make up for his mistakes.

9. McDiving Is Not a Spectator Sport

In the tradition of fads like planking and owling comes McDiving, the act of jumping behind the counter at a fast-food restaurant... like McDonald’s, for example. McDiving seems to be confined to England for now, but it’s poised to take over the world, one drunk college-age kid at a time.

8. Worst. Commute. Ever.

A bus driver was caught, er, red-handed as he masturbated while driving his New Jersey Transit bus through the Lincoln Tunnel—with passengers on board. NBC New York has the (don’t worry: censored) story.

7. Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Love

Thanks to Reddit users, we learned that ‘a man’s beard grows fastest when he’s anticipating sex,’ and other wild facts. Good to know.

6. A Rob Ford Crack Video

It’s not the one you’ve been waiting for, but it’s clay-mation, so you should still watch it.

5. The Wife-Carrying Championships

In this 18th-annual relay-race competition in Finland, one important thing sets it apart. Each man running through the course carries his wife over his shoulders. Don’t worry, she’s wearing a helmet.

4. Jay-Z’s Music Video Masterpiece?

Six hours of rapping ‘Picasso Baby’ in a New York City art gallery. Stars from Alan Cumming to Jemima Kirke. This could make for one hell of a music video. Or Jay-Z just wasted our afternoon.

3. Antelope Leaps Into Car to Escape Cheetah

In today’s edition of ‘We can’t believe this was actually caught on tape,’ tourists on safari in South Africa witnessed a stunning wild animal chase that got very up close and personal.

2.  Trick-Shot Titus Gets His Revenge

Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade did the unthinkable Thursday, hitting unbelievably cute toddler/basketball prodigy Titus in the face with a ball, making Titus cry. So Jimmy Kimmel helped Titus exact his wrathful revenge.

1. What to Do If You Spot a Bear

According to a Providence, R.I., reporter, there are a number of steps you should take if you come face to face with Yogi in the woods.