The Best Business Longreads for the Week of July 18, 2013

From warring divisions in Sears to the fun economic anecdotes in the Fed’s ‘Beige Book,’ The Daily Beast brings you the best in business journalism from the week of July 18, 2013.

07.21.13 8:45 AM ET

For years now, Sears has struggled to regain its once dominant status. In recent years, the business model set up by the reclusive billionaire Eddie Lampert may be making things more difficult.

“The Beige Book”
Federal Reserve

Everything from pet supplies to rent demands in Providence, Rhode Island, The Beige Book, a collection of word-of-mouth economic information released by the Fed every few months that always makes for a fun read.

“Will New York’s Casino Plan Really Work?”
Adam Davidson, The New York Times Magazine

Shale gas isn’t the only resource struggling cities and towns in the Northeast are looking to for salvation—inveterate gamblers may be coming to the rescue. Towns like Ellenville in New York are hoping that new casinos will turn around local economies.

Many people looking for a second career with easy money turn to real estate. While most don’t succeed at getting rich, the people offering how-to seminars do.