Versace, Versace, Versace

Medusa-emblazoned harnesses, stylish rock concert tees, and blaring rap music. Welcome to Versace's Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

"Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, BOOM, Versace, Versace," screamed the song by rappers Drake and Migos, which played through the closing parade of the label’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection Friday night.

Taking place in an ephemeral-looking green-colored space in the heart of Milan's designer district, models entered the runway through a silver, Art deco-type cut-out of Versace's Medusa logo. The sexy, Barbie-like, collection began with a series of takes on denim -- including a back pocket sewn onto a glittering, deep blue, high-tech skirt, a biker-style jacket, belts, skinny jeans, and tight skirts that zipped seriously open.

One rocker-style denim jacket was decorated with silver studs, a detailing that continued onto a series of tight-fitting, sexy black outfits adorned with chains -- from skinny trousers with a chain running down the front, to a harness-style necklace again clad with the designer's Medusa symbol.

In tune with the Hells Angels-style, a slew of models sported a modernized version of concert t-shirts (which Donatella herself wore to take her bow). Also very-Donatella were the tight black t-shirts, cut-out mini-dresses, and ultra-skinny leather pants.

A model presents a creation for fashion house Versace as part of the spring/summer 2014 ready-to-wear collections during the fashion week in Milan on September 20, 2013. (Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty)

And while all of the outfits had that classic Versace sex appeal, Donatella took things a step further, adding that pop of color that the designer's audience loves. There were a series of lilacs, baby blues, and whites mixed in, that ran from a sexy plastic tight-fitting zipper skirt and jacket to modern-looking digital flower prints that adorned the most stand-out piece of the collection: a high-tech skirt in a cascade of colors.

The collection ended with a parade of evening gowns, which combined see-through panels and embroidered lace-like touches, creating very feminine silhouettes. There were draped fabrics, some with a splash of silver metallic, others with the Medusa harness, and all of which featured deep slits. 

Although much of the collection ranged from Miami babes to biker girl feels, some of the pieces transcended that appeal and embraced digital printing, high tech materials, and more artisanal touches -- all while keeping the collection very, very Versace.