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Ellen Sings ‘The Fox,’ Ride on an Eagle’s Wing & More Viral Videos

From a dog’s clever escape and the return of Key & Peele’s substitute teacher to Beyonce’s encounter with an overzealous fan, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

09.21.13 8:45 AM ET

10. The Proposal

Prepare yourself to get hit by a wave of emotion. A guy takes his girlfriend out for a day of wakeboarding. When the time is right, he drops to his knees. The rest is history.

9. Bird’s Eye View

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to fly like a bird, today is your lucky day. Somehow, a camera got strapped to the back of an eagle as it shows us the world, shining, shimmering and splendid.

8. Take On Volkswagen

Volkswagen went retro with their newest ad. Inspired by A-ha’s video for their classic song “Take on Me,” this rough pencil-style animation will have you humming the song for days.

7. Welcome Back, Key & Peele

The comedy duo is back with the newest season of their hit show. In the premiere episode, they brought back one of their most popular characters: the substitute teacher.

6. Gravity

“Gravity is working against me” has never been truer. Despite struggling with Tourette’s syndrome and OCD, 16-year-old Carlos Guevara still managed to blow the audience and judges away (yes, even Simon) with his rendition of John Mayer’s “Gravity” on The X Factor.

5. Like Mike

Mike Tyson is famous for a lot of things, but is his next endeavor professional darts? Tyson stunned the Fox Sports crew with something a little different than an upper cut.

4. Love Over the Top

Beyonce’s had a tough time with fans on the road. Back in July, a whirling household appliance caught her by the weave. This week, the more human variety of fan grabbed her and pulled her into the crowd

3.  99 Problems

After crowdsourcing from Twitter, WHAS11’s Adam Lefkoe fit in 46 mentions of the greatest in classic hip-hop/rap in less than five minutes of his sportscast. There’s probably no other newscaster who can touch this.

2.  Ellen Sings ‘The Fox’

Two weeks after Ylvis posed the question of a lifetime, Ellen DeGeneres decided to join in. With her trademark charm, she sang along and to seek out the mythical sounds of the fox

1. Who Let the Dogs Out?

The question has finally been answered. It was the dog, in the kitchen, and out the window.