Say What?

Highlight Reel: 11 Craziest Moments From Ted Cruz’s Quasi-Filibuster

It was supposed to be about Obamacare, but the guy had 21 hours to fill. From a reading of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to jokes about Ashton Kutcher and pirates, watch the weirdest moments.

Sen. Ted Cruz started speaking on the Senate floor 2:41 p.m. on Tuesday…and he didn’t stop until 21 hours later. Of course, his quixotic crusade to defund Obamacare will surely fail, but it made for some good TV. Things got a bit goofy.

Here are eleven of the quirkiest moments from Cruz’s quasi-filibuster. But first, a mashup of the highlights. 

Cruz Reads ‘Green Eggs and Ham  

Cruz Quotes ‘Duck Dynasty’  

Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee Exchange Silly Questions 

Lee Derides Cowboy Poetry and Barry Manilow 

Cruz Likes White Castle’s ‘Little Burgers’ 

Lee Wants To Be a Pirate 

Sexy as Ashton Kutcher? 

‘Law Is Not a Breast That Fills Itself With Milk’ 

Cruz Quotes Toby Keith 

‘You Know Latins Love White Suits’ 

Cruz Reads ‘Atlas Shrugged’