Not a Kindle Fan

Queen Fears e-Books and Computer Games

Queen says there is no substitute for books

10.10.13 4:45 PM ET

The Queen probably won't be buying Prince George an iPad or a Kindle.

She told a writer today that she thinks there is no substitute for books.

She spoke of her fears over e-books and tablets as she presented Chocolat author Joanne Harris with an MBE for services to literature at Buckingham Palace.

Speaking after receiving her honour, the writer said of her brief conversation with the Queen: “She asked me what I thought about e-books and computer games and said that she feared that children were playing with those more than they were reading books.

“So I told her that we start them on e-books and computer games and TV and then try to get them on to books later.

“Books may change shape but people will always need stories, and the shape of those stories may alter. I think hard copy books are here to stay for a long time. The fact they're branching out into other areas doesn't feel threatening at all.”