Cringe De La Cringe

Cressida Bonas's Risqué Film Role Comes Back To Haunt Her

Cressida's TV debut from four years ago resurfaces, and it makes for toe-curling viewing

10.17.13 10:44 AM ET

It's not exactly on a par with the soft-porn film that finished Prince Andrew's relationship with Koo Stark, but still, much embarrassment for Harry's girlfriend Cressida Bonas after reports and images surfaced today of a tacky TV drama in which she had a bit part - and played one of a group of girls offering sexual favours to win student council votes.

Socialite Cressida, 24, had the cameo role in 2009 in the ITV2 show called Trinity, in which she also dances in a midriff-baring Superman cheerleader outfit.

Last night a source told The Sun (which has all the screengrabs): “Cressida will be mortified — she had been hoping this acting gig would never see the light of day.”

Cressida, 20 at the time, bagged the job through half-sister Isabella Calthorpe, who had a lead role, according to the paper.

In another excruciating scene, one character tells a pal dancing with Cressida: “Wash your p**** — it’s election week.”

The show was set in fictional Trinity College and filmed at Royal Holloway, University of London. It aimed at being the UK’s answer to US show Gossip Girl but ratings flopped, with half its initial 1.2million viewers switching off by the final episode, the Sun reports.