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‘This Is the End’ Is Last Blockbuster Rental Ever, Miley Cyrus Tweets About Pot Scandal

And J.Law wants a fifth ‘Hunger Games.’

11.12.13 5:00 PM ET

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This is the End was the last movie ever rented from a Blockbuster. Although there will be 50 non-company run Blockbusters puttering around for a while longer. Variety

Miley Cyrus tweets response to her pot-smoking EMA controversy. Spoiler: She doesn’t care. At all. USA Today

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson would like a fifth Hunger Games movie. But there aren’t any plans for one... yet. E! Online

Actual lesbians react to Blue is the Warmest Color. Shockingly, they’re unimpressed by straight women pretending to be gay. The Hollywood Reporter

Lars von Trier will not have final cut approval of his sex epic Nymphomaniac, and plans for a softcore version have been scrapped. Anyone who wanted to see Shia LaBeouf without the buff is out of luck. The Hollywood Reporter