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VIDEO Prince Harry Arrives in Antartica But Conditions May Yet Hamper Teams

Now mild temperatures threaten trek

Having faced polar storms, it is now mild conditions making for difficult skiing that is the latest threat to the South Pole trek that Harry is part of.

From right to left: Prince Harry, Kate Philp, Guy Disney, Richard Eyre, Ibrar Ali and Duncan Slater of Team UK in the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge expedition (2013 WWTW)

The teams of disabled servicemen and their celebrity mascots – Prince Harry, Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgard – finally arrived at the Antartic base of Novo yesterday, after being delayed by a polar storm, but dreadful conditions are still threatening the ambitious attempt to walk to the South Pole.

2013 WWTW
Guy Disney of Team UK (2013 WWTW)

The teams are expected to stay at Novo for several days to acclimatize.

Prince Harry said in a video, “It’s amazing how in six hours your morale can go from pretty high – running over really – to rock bottom. The weather forecast was supposed to be alright but it seems to be getting worse. Its usually blue skies and sunshine.”

Video screenshot

On the expedition facebook page the team reported that for their first day, “it was grey and windy but warm’ with wind blowing ‘approx 35knots’. Ironically the milder temperatures of approx 32f meant wet conditions for skiing described as ‘miserable’.

Prince Harry and other participants in the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge expedition enter the canteen on arrival in Novo, Antarctica (2013 WWTW)
2013 WWTW

The three teams, representing Great Britain, the USA and the Commonwealth, are due to set off on the walk midweek. Each team will raise funds for military charities: Canada and Australia's Soldier On (representing the Commonwealth), Soldiers to Summits from the US and Walking With The Wounded from the UK.