Don't Forget The Flag

Blue Skies As Harry And The Team Begin Their Epic Walk

Polar race finally gets underway

12.03.13 10:10 AM ET

Prince Harry packed a Union Jack flag in his pack as he set off yesterday on the first day of the Walking With The Wounded race to the South Pole.

The Prince is leading one of three teams and is clearly hoping to be able to stick his grandmother's flag into the ice at the end of the race in two weeks time.

The teams had been snowed in at the Novo base camp for several days and the whole expedition was in doubt at one stage.

Harry on the snow

Walking With The Wounded

However the teams finally got underway yesterday when the weather cleared, providing a 'window of opportunity' for them  to set off.

At the end of day 1, Harry's team was in the lead having covered 14KM.

Blue skies presented a 'window of opportunity' for the Polar trekkers to get underway

Walking With The Wounded