The Daily Beast’s Best 2013 Travel Reads

From new surfing records and Mexico’s overlooked getaway to crazy underground adventures in NYC and the best airport restaurants, escape with this year’s entertaining travel reads.

12.27.13 10:45 AM ET

After chasing a record-setting wave for a dozen years, the veteran surfer may have ridden a 100-foot monster off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. All that remains now is for Guinness to certify it as a world record.

With four free days on her hands, Kara Cutruzzula takes off in search of turtles and the meaning of ‘vacation’ on the idyllic beaches—and blackjack tables—of Puerto Rico.

Mexico’s Hidden Getaway

Caroline Linton, May 26

Cabo San Lucas is filled with glitz and drunken college kids—so drive right past it and head to Todos Santos for some of the most exciting art, music, and beaches in Mexico.

Take the vacation of a lifetime—in beautiful North Korea? That’s the pitch of Uri Tours, which organizes trips to the Hermit Kingdom. CEO Andrea Lee offers Lloyd Grove a sales spiel, concentration camps not included.

Ever felt the urge to dive into glistening water sans clothing? You’re in luck! The Skinny Dipping Report reveals nine fabulous spots around the world to swim in the nude. (Images NSFW.)

With a violent poltergeist, known to harm late-night visitors, and a history of stolen bodies, it’s no wonder Greyfriars Kirkyard is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world.

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What’s turned Los Angeles into a culinary boomtown? Chef Roy Choi and New Yorker staff writer Dana Goodyear know.

It’s the day before Turkey Day—or even the holiday itself—and you’re in airport hell and famished. Step away from the Cinnabon! From sushi at JFK to wine at Dulles, where to really eat.

Uncovering Jamaica’s Jewish Past

Debra A. Klein, December 1

In the great Caribbean melting pot, one group is largely overlooked: Jewish refugees who settled centuries ago. Their descendants are unearthing graveyards to reclaim a piece of history.

Something’s afoot in Paris, but it has nothing to do with kings or the bourgeoisie. The culprit: specialty beer. From microbrewers to bar owners, meet the people leading the uprising.

The Wanderlust Projects duo are building bars in water towers and romantic getaways in abandoned resorts. They’re shaking up the underground scene…and they want to teach you how, too.