Breaking Beard

01.13.149:33 AM ET

Prince Harry: I'm Keeping The Beard, Granny!

Breaking Harry news - the beard is not going anywhere!

The Royalist has important news to share  - Prince Harry has defied granny and has NOT repeat NOT shaved off his dashing ginger beard! 

Yes, despite the fact that the young royal's grandmother has such a hatred of beards that her staff are forbidden to sport them, and despite the fact that there was apparently much frostiness at Sandringham on the subject over the Christmas holidays, and despite the fact that she reportedly let it be known that she wanted Harry's chin to be more cue ball than fuzzy-wuzzy the next time she saw him, Harry was instagrammed at the weekend with his beard not only still intact, but bigger, bushier and more retro-hetero manly than ever before.

We're just hoping his head doesn't end up on a spike.

Harry, who was just back from a ski holiday with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas (you'd have thought he would have seen enough snow by now, right?) was snapped with his ever-growing beard by a punter at Mayfair bar Jak's with Princess Eugenie in the background, perched at a bar. Cressida was apparently at the venue too (although not in the picture - that really would be too much to hope for).

An added bonus of Harry's new beard is that it has literally cleared the British hipster scene of beards in the course of just a few weeks.

Reports and sightings of a bearded Prince Harry had been swirling on twitter all weekend, but the picture is the first definitive proof that Harry is indeed still hairy.

The bad news is, he may have to shave it off when he goes back to work in the next week, as beards are forbidden by the British army!

So enjoy it while you can, beard fans.