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New Pictures As Prince George Arrives in Australia

Prince George still the star of the show as young royals touch down in Oz

Prince George was once again the star of the royal show when he arrived in Sydney today, for part two of the royal tour of Australasia, with his two parents following in his wake.

After spending nine days in New Zealand, the William, Kate and George show today began a ten-day tour of Australia, touching down at Sydney airport shortly before 3pm local time on board a Royal Australian Airforce plane from Wellington.

Ryan Pierse

George was photographed as the royal family descended from the jet, however he was not present when Kate and William attended a reception in their honor attended by 400 guests a few hours later.

The couple were met on the tarmac by Tony Abbott, the prime minister. The welcoming party also included Sir Peter Cosgrove, the Governor General, and Marie Bashir, the Governor of New South Wales.

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson

Kate had been wearing a simple blue dress when she boarded the RAAF flight in New Zealand, as you can see in the picture below, but changed into the bold yellow number on board.

"William said I look like a banana," Kate told one member of the waiting crowd, Heather Easton.

The royals depart NZ (Hagen Hopkins)
Hagen Hopkins

The tour already seems to be having its desired effect - the Sydney Morning Herald reports this morning that support for a republic in Australia, which still counts the Queen as head of state, has dipped to its lowest level for 30 years in advance of the royals arrival.